Car Crash

$1,115,000 for young man injured in motor vehicle collision in which he suffered multiple broken bones and a subdural hematoma.

$1,115,000 Settlement

Fatal Drunk Driving Accident

Confidential settlements totaling over $1,000,000 for the family of a young man who was killed in a motor vehicle collision caused by a driver who had been drinking alcoholic beverages but was not legally impaired.

$1,000,000+ Settlement

Murder by Maintenance Worker

Confidential settlement for the family of an elderly woman murdered by an apartment maintenance worker whose employer retained him despite a history of violence and drug abuse.

Confidential Settlement

Couple Beaten in Their Apartment

$650,000 for couple beaten in their apartment home by man seeking drugs, where apartment owner failed to warn couple that previous occupant sold drugs from the apartment.

$650,000 Settlement

Man Stabbed in Bar

$363,623 verdict for man stabbed in bar without sufficient security, given past violence in the bar. Fortunately, he survived and had scarring but no lasting injuries.

$363,623 Settlement

Man Tripped on Building Entrance that Violated Code

Confidential settlement for man who tripped on a building entrance that violated the Florida Building Code and suffered a knee injury that required surgery.

Confidential Settlement