Premises Liability Attorney in Jacksonville, Florida

Premises liability injuries may include serious (sometimes fatal) ones. The law clearly holds those who own or manage premises responsible for maintaining the premises in a reasonably safe condition and warning of dangers that are not readily observable.  Premises liability injuries can occur on residential or commercial properties, parks, healthcare facilities, public and private swimming pools, nightclubs and bars, universities and schools.

Some common examples of premises liability accidents include:

  • Injuries due to slick floors
  • Unstable products falling on people or children
  • Pedestrians hit in parking lots
  • Poorly lit stairs that cause accidents
  • Badly maintained sidewalks
  • Improper warnings indicating dangerous holes in the ground or gaps in floors

If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident on someone else’s land or premises, you should contact an experienced Jacksonville premises liability lawyer at the earliest. There are legal remedies available to you with the right and timely counsel.

At Glober Law Firm, we focus on understanding the details, finding out all the facts, examining medical assessments and following up witness information. We take care to have all the necessary documentation in place in order to make a solid representation for your premises liability case.

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Premises Liability Lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida

The first rule of premise liability is that the owner or operator of the premise has a duty to keep those premises reasonably safe and when unsafe conditions occur, to immediately warn visitors and occupants of those conditions.

Below are some of the questions our team will ask to evaluate whether you have a case for premises liability:

  • Did you or a loved one suffer an injury due to the negligence of another individual / organization?
  • Were the premises unsafe and the owners/managers of the property aware of the danger?
  • Has a medical evaluation shown that you are suffering from physical and/or mental injury as a result of this incident?
  • Are you unable to work or likely to lose your job due to the injury you have suffered?
  • Has the injury caused you a permanent disability?
  • Will you need long-term medical and/or psychological care, medication and therapy?
  • Has the injury disrupted normal life for you and your family?

When a situation of premises liability has injured you or someone you love, work with the experienced team of Glober Law Firm. We represent clients throughout the Northeast Florida-Jacksonville region, including: Nassau county, Duval county, Clay county and St. Johns county. Your first consultation is 100% free. Plus, you don’t pay us till your case is successfully resolved and you receive your rightful compensation. We’ll help take care of legal matters so you can focus on recovery and get your life back on track.