We became acquainted with James Glober in 2008, when we lost our oldest son in an automobile accident. Anyone who has ever lost a loved one knows that it is impossible to think straight for months afterward. Jim stepped in and filled that space for us.  He made the appropriate requests and demands that allowed us to grieve as well as tie up all of our son’s affairs.  He was 100% reliable and kept us informed and updated. He became a very important part of our lives. Our lawyer/client relationship came to an end in 2016 and we still keep in touch, albeit not as often.  

We have already recommended Jim to others and will always be very thankful he came into our lives.

-Steve & Debbie

I got to know Jim Glober when he represented me in a legal claim related to serious injuries I received in a traffic collision. Jim was both personal and professional in an extremely difficult and trying time in my life. He was readily available and willing to answer any questions I had about the claim/case information and possible proceedings and outcomes of the case/claim. Jim's experience and due dilligence both helped us reach a favorable outcome in my claim and the case as a whole. I would not hesitate to recommed Jim to any of my friends and family. 


I have known James Glober for nearly twenty years. In fact, for several years, the law office I worked for shared office space with Glober Law Firm, so I witnessed firsthand the kind and professional courtesy with which Mr. Glober treats his clients. He has represented several members of my extended family over the years, including my mother who, at ninety years of age, was standing in the outside waiting area of a car wash when she was run over by an SUV, carelessly driven by an employee coming out of the wash bay. She suffered serious injuries and an extended recovery. She was pleased with Jim’s representation, his thoughtfulness, and the settlement she received.

 Mr. Glober has also represented my husband, the first time about twelve years ago when he, a professional truck driver, suffered injuries after his tractor-trailer was rear-ended by another tractor-trailer on Interstate 10 at the Pensacola bridge. Not only did Jim obtain a proper settlement, he recommended an excellent doctor for his treatment.

 Most recently, my husband had a reaction to a t-dap vaccination that caused permanent, irreversible nerve damage to his primary arm. I found out that there is a special federal program to deal with vaccine injury cases - the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, sometimes called the “vaccine program” or “vaccine court”. Then I called Jim Glober. The vaccine program is a specialized and unique process that requires attorneys to be certified in order to represent clients before the court. We met with Jim and he agreed to take the case, obtaining the required certification and doggedly pursuing my husband’s claim to a very satisfactory result.

 My mother, my husband, and I wholeheartedly recommend James Glober. He is thoughtful, sympathetic, honest, responsive and kind, which I find to be important in an attorney, especially in the field of personal injury. Moreover, he is an intelligent and fierce advocate for his clients, and a man of personal and professional integrity. I have recommended him many times over the years to family and friends, without reservation.


I met Mr. James Glober in 2014, when I was injured in a multi-vehicle accident. He came highly recommended by coworkers and friends who knew him, and he did not disappoint. At my initial consultation, he was professional, but caring and immediately put me at ease with his patience and clear explanation of what is involved in the personal injury claim process. He provided contact numbers and encouraged me to call with any questions or concerns. He or his staff responded promptly and were always helpful and courteous. We had meetings as often as needed during my treatment period. His competence, compassion and willingness to listen to my concerns, helped make this process as easy as possible. If you are looking for a highly competent, thorough and professional personal injury attorney, who will provide you with excellent representation, Mr. James Glober should be your choice!

-S. Austin